Community Partners

Aboriginal Education Committee

The OCDSB is proud to be a member of the Aboriginal Education Committee. The Aboriginal Education Committee ( AEC ) is a sub-committee of the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition (OAC). The OAC was formed in 2001 as a means of presenting a unified voice on behalf of the Aboriginal community in the Ottawa region. The Coalition is an alliance of Aboriginal delivery organizations that provide front-line programs and services to Aboriginal people living in the National Capital Region.

The AEC was established in February 2012 as a means to provide collaboration and raise awareness to find solutions for urban Aboriginal students in all four school boards in the Ottawa area. Together with Aboriginal agency members, the OCDSB works to provide our school and board staff with a better understanding of the persity of the Aboriginal population in Ottawa, and to provide better educational opportunities for First Nation, Métis, and Inuit students and their families.

Member agencies of the AEC that we work in partnership with include:

Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start (See also: Aboriginal Best Start video )

Minwaashin Lodge

Odawa Native Friendship Center

Ottawa Inuit Children’s Center

Wabano Center for Aboriginal Health

Bridging the Gap Coordinators (BTG)

The OCDSB funds the Bridging the Gap Coordinator position at the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Center. The current BTG Coordinator is Dion Metcalfe. Dion supports Inuit students (grades K-12) and parents, increases awareness of Inuit culture and history, and assists teachers in meeting the learning needs of Inuit students. If you are a teacher or a principal who would like to book Dion to come to your classroom or school to give a presentation, please call Rachel Quinn at (613) 746-5400 Ext. 221 .

Aboriginal School Liaison Worker

The OCDSB funds the Aboriginal School Liaison Worker position at the Wabano Aboriginal Center for Health. Kris Meawasige is our current Aboriginal School Liaison Worker. Kris provides advice and support to administrators, teachers and school board leaders that help to:

- Develop an understanding and an appreciation for First Nation culture through cultural awareness training;

- Provide input on how to create a welcoming school environment for First Nation families and students;

- Expand existing channels of communication between First Nation families and staff;

- Expand existing partnerships between school board staff and Aboriginal community organizations and/or individuals in the Ottawa region who can provide additional supports and educational opportunities for our First Nation, Métis, and Inuit students.

To contact our Aboriginal School Liaison Worker, call Kris Meawasige at (613) 748-0657 Ext. 282.

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